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Smart3 Consultoria Empresarial specializes in business and strategy and aims to guide its clients to work smart, increase financial results and grow rapidly.



Our Services

Smart3 – Business Consulting

Strategy, Corporate Finance and Operations.

We develop solutions in strategies, finances and operations, directing the success of organizations for better results.

Market Intelligence and Geomarketing

We seek to provide information from the target market for possible decision-making.

Sustainability and Resource Productivity

We aim to offer the best solutions for social and environmental demands.



Strategy, Corporate Finance and Operations

The three dimensions: Strategy, Corporate Finance and Operations, aim to explain behaviors, evaluate business results and plan strategies. In practical terms, we carry out strategic, financial and operational consulting aimed at the success of organizations.



Market Intelligence and Geomarketing

With Market Intelligence and GeoMarketing you can better understand suppliers, competitors, customers and potential customers. You can identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and monitor markets trend. We seek to provide relevant information for decision making.



Sustainability and Resource Productivity

Through good practices and compliance with legislation, we aim to offer the best solutions to social and environmental demands.