Smart 3 :: Business Solutions

Strategy, Corporate Finance and Operations

The three dimensions: Strategy, Corporate Finance and Operations, seek to explain behaviors, evaluate business results and plan strategies. In practical terms, we carry out strategic, financial and operational consulting aimed at the success of organizations. Below is the list of products offered: The three dimensions:


Elaboration and Implementation
of the Strategy:

Balance Scorecard;

• Development of Goals;

• Structuring and Implementation of Corporate Governance;

• Formulation of the Strategy;

• Strategic Project Management;

• Innovation Management.

Financial Advisory:

• Financial Coaching;

• Development of Controlling Tools;

• Development of Costing Tools;

• Structuring of Financial Management;

• Budget Planning and Management;

• Business Recovery Plan and Renegotiation of Debts.

New Projects, Valuation and M&A Support:

• Evaluation of Companies and Assets;

• Viability Studies;

• Business Plan;

• Support to M&A Processes: Intermediation Due Diligences.


• Audits;

• Implementation of Tools for Routine Management;

• Improved Operational Efficiency;

• Cost Reduction;

• Process Restructuring;

• Organizational Restructuring.