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Market Intelligence and Geomarketing

With Market Intelligence and GeoMarketing you can better understand suppliers, competitors, customers and potential customers. You can identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and monitor markets trends. We seek to provide relevant information for decision making. The following is the list of products offered:


Market Intelligence:

• Price Benchmarking, Monitoring of Competition Actions and Technological Innovations;

• Construction of pricing and demand forecasting models;

• Development of Qualitative and Quantitative Satisfaction and Image Research;

• Sizing of Market Potential, Market-share and Feasibility and Market Trends;

• Elaboration of Strategic Profiles of Sectors and Competitors;

• Elaboration of Programs for Customer Retention.


• Customized Databases;

• Mapping of the Company’s Coverage Area;

• Mapping of Clients, Prospects, Suppliers, Consumers and Competitors;

• Detection of Potential Sub-Utilized Consumption;

• Survey of the Characteristics of the Population of a Region;

• Settlement of Portfolios and Routing of Field Teams;

• Optimization of Distribution Routes;

• Realization of Expansion and Site Selection Studies.